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The Water-Saving Garden by Pam Penick a Book Review

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This year I started a rock (pretty little pebbles really) garden. I pulled up all the weeds, covered the ground with special material and then wheeled in a lot of stones to cover the area. I now have potted plants and garden decorations on the stones. Much lower maintenance. My biggest problem isn’t so much saving water but finding the right plants for the intense direct sunlight the garden receives. And the fact that I tend to forget to water.  My hope with this book is that she, Pam Penick, would offer some good ideas. She did!

The Water-Saving Garden has some amazing pictures which helped me visualize what might work for my garden. I was aiming for cacti but was hopeful for some color too.  I learned a lot about ways to hold water, different methods and different types of containers.  I’m not a ‘gardener’ and receive a lot of help from my neighbor.

I enjoyed Pam’s section on “oasis or mirage”. I never would have thought that trimming a hedge in a wave-like pattern would evoke an ocean-like feel but after seeing the picture I can say that it did. Also the idea of small blue stones gives the impression that it is really a small pool of water.

In the Water-Saving Garden I believe Pam Penick offers some great and doable ideas. I have a friend who is a true ‘gardener’ and I plan to send her this book.

“I received this book from the Blogging for Books program in exchange for this review.”


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