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Tox-Sick by Suzanne Somers A Book Review

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I am so excited to have this book in my information arsenal. Tox-Sick is written by Suzanne Somers. Not just an actress but a woman on the front-lines of the effects of so many toxins around us. Not only her but most of her family as well. Little makes us more passionate about something than being personally effected by it. She shares all the stories of her family’s trials to diagnose, treat and overcome the damaging effects of toxins in their lives. It was no small feat!

In Tox-Sick Suzanne gives details of the symptoms they were experiencing and the many steps it took to get to the root of the problem.  She records conversations with specialists on gut health, environmental illness, good fat and bad fat, why your hormone therapy may not be working for you, how mold effects your health and how to protect yourself from these evil no-see-ums.

She lays out the details of her protocol and gives the information on where to find them. Most are available from a resource she is connected to but not all. And they all makes sense after you have read the details within the book.

In chapter 2 she talks about some symptoms that are common signs that something is wrong. Common symptom number 3 is unexplained weight gain. “The world has changed. Toxicity is slowly killing us in a variety of ways. These changes in the environment as well as to our food supply, compounded by every day stress (which is at an all-time high), and the reasons we’ve hit a wall not only in our wellness but in trying to lose weight. Toxicity is not going away, so how do we survive and how do we lose weight?” I think about the rise in obesity around the world. Is it all because people simply eat too much? Think about all the foods that leave us still hungry so we eat more until our stomachs hurt. What is in that food? I have seen the difference first hand with one food verses another. Having experienced it I was able to relate to her discussion on this. One example for me would be McDonald’s. When I would eat their food in the USA I was bound to run for the bathroom within a half hour. So often this happened that I stopped eating it thinking it just didn’t agree with me. Now, in Germany, I was in a spot where my only option to fill my hunger was a McDonald’s. Nervously I ate it. Much to my amazement I had no issue. I have had it multiple times since. What I learned is that Germany makes the McDonald’s company change their ingredients to their standard before they will allow them to serve their people.  Makes one wonder what else the USA is feeding us that other countries refuse to. Sure, Germany allows some other not-so-good for you things but this was just one example that I am aware of and had first-hand experience with.

Suzanne Somers offers us help in her book Tox-Sick that I have not seen anywhere. I am really excited for the knowledge learned from her and highly recommend other to read it.


“I received this book from the Blogging for books program in exchange for this review.”


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