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Taking you from “hit or miss” to getting that “great shot”.

12194780_456354234548818_2825590127675304484_oI like to use a camera but have never taken the time to learn to do more than point and click. It was always just a fluke if I got the good shot. In Sarah Wilkerson’s book Capture the Moment she gives some great info to get you started. I believe she gives a basic understanding of:
Natural Light
Fine Art
Black and White
Low Light
As well as some other helpful tidbits for us beginners.

I was very grateful this was not a technical book. “During daylight hours, turn off the overhead lights, lamps, and other light sources in your home before you start shooting. Pay attention to the natural beauty of the light around you, and allow it alone to illuminate your subject or scene.” That just sounds so simple and easy to do. And it was:)

I used my favorite model and our own backyard to test out some of Sarah’s ideas.It was so fun to play and have a guideline like her book to follow. Make no mistake, this is basic, but if you are at all like me and are used to winging it this book could be just what you need to purposely get that great shot.12191213_456354277882147_1310959169744221086_o