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Effortless Healing by Dr. Joseph Mercola; A Book Review

After reading multiple reviews of the book Effortless Healing by Dr. Joseph Mercola I was hesitant to request it. Many said that it did not go into as much detail as his other books had. Since this is the first book of his that I am reading I was hoping to get a lot out of it. I decided to take the chance that the reviews may have been wrong or biased because they had read other books he had written.

I was pleasantly surprised by this book. In fact I was happy that it was not too in-depth or overly scientific. One of the topics discussed in Effortless Healing was pure water. My original thinking was that pure water is what it says it is, pure. He went into good detail about fluoridated water, different purifiers and what they miss in the purification process, and what bottled water is the right one. Within this section he discusses how to break the soda habit as well as details about what the poisons are within the soda.

I really liked the way Dr. Mercola ends each chapter. He gives you an “Effortless Action Plan”. In this section he separates the “healers” from the “hurters” that were discussed in the chapter. This made it easier to see the important things he discussed within the chapter.

For someone that does not want to be bombarded with too much information this book is perfect. Dr. Mercola touches on some great topics. Many of which I never would have thought to investigate on my own. I certainly never thought there was benefit to walking barefoot or exercising less. This book definitely leaves you wanting more but I think that is the point. He stirs in you the desire to investigate and seek out more answers.

Effortless Healing by Dr. Joseph Mercola is worth reading. I cannot compare it to any of his other books but, on its own, I learned a lot.

“I received this book from the Blogging for Books program in exchange for this review.”