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Be the Message makes for a fabulous devotional

Right off the bat on day 1 I was captured by the way this was written. I knew The Message Bible was in more ‘this day and age’ language but the parts that I read did not connect with me the way this devotional did. I love the way Kerry and Chris Shook have made this so intimate and personal. An example from day 1: “Are you ready to receive God’s message?” Ok right there. This book is asking me questions and making me think about how I interact with God.

Be the Message Devotional offers great segments that walk you through this time. 1. Open Yourself to a dynamic encounter with God. 2. Open God’s Word to hear God’s message. 3. Open Your Mind to understand God’s message then and now. 4. Open Your Heart to the divine whisper. 5. Open Your Life to God’s transforming power. 6. Open Your Arms to a world that needs to receive God’s incarnate message through you.

I am a very organized person and I love things laid out for me to follow. It is important to my personal God time to be able to have something guiding that time. Not everyone needs that or needs that much. I like it and this little devotional really helped me to connect with God at a different and more fulfilling level.

I found myself waking up and wondering what this book was going to ask me today. I looked forward to being inspired to dig into my Bible and see the relevance of the Scripture then and now. I loved how it inspired me to sit and listen for His leading and His prompting with what I was praying about. So often I read the Word and do not ponder it. Life gets busy! Kerry and Chris Shook really draw you in to wanting that intimacy with Him. They guide you along the way but allow you to run with it too.

This book has given me questions to utilize during my quiet times to start a conversation, to start an interaction, and to start a fire to push forward to make that quiet time amazing.