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The Burn by Haylie Pomroy; A Book Review

Haylie Pomroy does a great job of laying the groundwork and spelling out her ideas in the book The Burn.
I was excited by the reviews I had read. I am always trying to find ways to eat healthier and, for the most part, maintain my weight. Now that winter is here I have gained a few pesky pounds I can’t quite shake. I wasn’t motivated for some wild difficult diet. I was hopeful it would be just a matter of a slight diet change. This booked pointed out a lot of stuff that needed to change for overall health and a healthy weight.

Haylie has it divided into three categories. 1. The I-Burn: This targets the body’s inflammatory reactions to food and flushes out toxins and subcutaneous fat, producing prominent cheekbones and a glowing complexion in three days. 2. The D-Burn: Unblocks the body’s digestive barriers and torches torso fat to create a flat belly and tighter waistline. In five days. 3. The H-Burn: Addresses the hormonal system. This 10 day burn reshapes lumps and bumps into gorgeous curves, sleeker hips, and thinner thighs. Upon reading these descriptions all I could say was, “Really.”

I read The Burn cover to cover to get the whole picture for each plan.  I will say that Haylie knows her stuff and she presents it in such a great way that you feel like you just got an education. I enjoyed the stories she shared about clients who have done these plans and even her first one, The Fast Metabolism Diet, and keep coming back for more.

I do not believe Haylie Pomroy leaves anything to chance. She gives detailed information on each plan, guidelines to follow, shopping lists, menus and alternatives. She stresses the need to commit a 100% for whatever plan you choose to get the maximum results. She also asks questions so you can determine which plan suits you best. She did say that there are times you may need all three (not at the same time or even in a row) but to choose the one that closest fits the outline of the plan and get started. This is what I did.

I believed I needed the H-Burn and so began that one. Of course she did caveat the beginning of the program with “I want you to get your calendar, mark those days, and keep them sacred.” Well I thought I was prepared to do that until our neighborhood had an impromptu party.

It wasn’t a total wash, I lost 3 pounds. I wasn’t hungry though I was running to the bathroom every 5 minutes (it felt that way) the first few days because of the marked increase in water. This being the 10 day plan and I had the neighborhood hiccup after only 3 days, I did lose my moment. That is when I understood one of her points on being all in for the duration. Once you lose momentum you may have to start all over.

My favorite information in The Burn are all the things I can do daily to help my health. Then when I have need to shed a pound or two I can reassess her plans to determine which one I need at that moment. And get back on the saddle again.

This book will not sit on my shelf for the rest of its days. It will be reviewed often.

“Blogging for Books provided this book to me for free in exchange for my honest review.”