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The Jesus-Hearted Leader Devotional by Jodi Detrick

This is the devotional companion to the book The Jesus-Hearted Leader. Unfortunately I have not read the book but if it is anything like the devotional…it is a must have.

I love it when an author can hook me right from the first page. Jodi does this quite smoothly with the title for the first devotion, “These Shoes are too big!” Right off the bat I am thinking about all that God seems to put before me that I am quick to say, “God that is too big for me.”

She gives Bible verses that are connected to her topic which drives her point home. This I love because what is the point of a devotional or Bible study if it doesn’t connect you with the Bible. She even offers a section at the end of the chapter called “Heart-Deep in the Word” where she leads you to more Scripture and a question or questions.

Sometimes I want an easy read but not a no-brainer. Especially when it comes to God and His Word. Jodi does a wonderful job of connecting life situations to the Bible and how to apply it.

The last chapter, ‘Dancing on Prayers’, twirls you out of the book into thought provoking ideas of what you will do next. She is encouraging with her ideas and she gives no feeling of the ‘have to’ mentality some other authors can leave you with. She makes you think and inspires you to do what you feel God is leading you to do. Her well written questions stir your thoughts and you want to discover what God has in store for you.

Jodi Detrick does a beautiful job leading you into a closer walk with God in her devotional. Not too deep yet not to light, I’d say she’s got it just right.