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A Wife After God’s Own Heart by Elizabeth George… Saved Our Marriage

I grew up with much older sisters so I was like an only child with 5 mothers. I went into my marriage with the attitude that he was to dote on me and I should always get my way. He seemed more than happy to comply for the first few years. When he began asking me to do some little things around the house, like dishes or vacuum, I did not take him very seriously since he had always done these. So the battle began. The dishes piled up until one of us gave in…always him. I knew he couldn’t handle having them sit in the sink for too long.
Then one day I found this book by Elizabeth George. My initial thoughts about getting this book, “Maybe this will give me ways to change my husband.” Hah, did I have another thing coming.
A Wife After God’s Own Heart eased me into God’s desire for a godly wife. Using biblical examples and super simple things to apply to my daily life our marriage was being transformed. She starts it simple with using a one word answer for things, “sure”. Start small, when he asks you to do something, like the dishes, just say “sure” and do it. No questions, excuses, etc. Then I began doing the dishes without being asked. His first thoughts were “I wonder what she wants”. I would often ‘do’ to ‘get’ and obviously I had done it enough that he instantly suspected. But I did dishes for a month without being asked and didn’t stop. Then it happened with the laundry then with basic housecleaning. He actually asked me one day “Who are you and what have you done with my wife?” My transformation was just so vivid and sincere. He has never asked for a Proverbs 31 wife or a home maker just a wife that loves him and helps with life and all the daily things that come with it.
As I finished the book I realized I had changed. I was more eager to please than be pleased. My thinking became more geared toward how I could help him and pray for him daily and not on what he could do for me. The best irony is that as he began to understand that this was not a passing fancy he wanted to reciprocate and help me. Thus after 8 years of marriage we were attaining our idea of the perfect marriage. Going out of our way to help and aid the other was giving us so much fulfillment. This was like nothing we had experience in our marriage before.
We were no different than hundreds of others on the verge of divorce but, thanks to God, He put this book in my path and He saved our marriage with it.
I can never thank Elizabeth George enough for her biblical wisdom and insight on the topic of a godly wife. I know she gleaned it all from her own trial and error per the examples she shares. I am grateful for her openness and willingness to pass on her wisdom.
I am always eager to share my personal story and with that it leads to sharing her book. Saving a marriage is not easy but hearing or reading about others success stories and utilizing any insight could help save someone else’s.
Whether you are having issues or not this book is invaluable and you are sure to reread it and share it with others.
You can find it here at ISBN-13: 978-0736911672

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Heart Wide Open by Shellie Rushing Tomlinson was refreshing, honest, and full of fun.


I must admit that I think what makes a good author is when they reveal the “not so right” side of themselves. From the beginning to the end she shares stories from her youth, church days, and raising her kids in such an honest and appropriate way. Some will scoff at her stories and she knows you will. It is the value of what she has learned from these life lessons that you will be taking with you and that is her point. What good is a story without value or meaning?

On page 33 she got me and got me good. “Though we all start from the same place of utter dependence on God for our purpose and worth, our experience pursuing Him won’t be exactly like anyone else’s. Our God is all about individuality. Your faith walk will be as unique as you are. (I dare you not to think about a snowflake right now.)” In my personal pursuit of pursuing closeness to God I have read lots of books, done tons of Bible studies, and listened to many Christian things. They all fall short of the Bible! I thought by reading or listening to what others have done or experienced it would improve my experience. Sure they all give you great ideas but they do not all fit into who I am and how I relate to God on a personal level.

Shellie reminded me, on page 23, “He wants to do life with you. You’re not an isolated case, someone who can’t find God. He is just as available to you as He has been to any other human being who has ever drawn a breath. This is His promise: “You will seek Me and find Me when you search for Me with all your heart.” (Jeremiah 29:13)””

In chapter 2 Shellie truly hit the nail on the head with the topic of “Lord, I want to abandon everything to follow You, but I am scared of what that might look like!” This chapter started off with exactly what my biggest fear is…I will stand out, I will look different, etc. Shellie’s words were just what I needed to hear…or read. “Every single time we try to weigh what other people may think of us against our desire for more of God, we risk settling for what we’ve experienced in Him instead of reaching for the richer life He offers.” Oh how this spoke to my heart. Her example of, worshiping in church and restraining yourself from raising your hands because you fear what others will think, is what I do. With her beautiful uncondemning phrasing I understood for the first time that I was not protecting myself from scrutiny but holding myself back from a greater experience with my God. Oh the possibilities of my future freedom in praise.

Heart Wide Open is beautifully written from Shellie’s heart of experience. She gives much insight into how she went from looking like everyone else to becoming the individual God created her to be. This is not a how to book or 6 easy steps to something; this book is real, honest and maybe exactly what you have needed to open your heart wide for God to do His amazing work in your life.

Tomorrow is Sunday and I will be putting Shellie’s words to the test and am fully expecting to raise my hands in worship. He is so worth it.

Blogging for Books provided this book to me for free in exchange for an honest review.