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A Godward Heart by John Piper, A Book Review

Lots of people have spoken to me about John Piper’s books but I have yet to get one. Now that I have read his book “A Godward Heart” I too can recommend him to others.
Sometimes in my day to day living I forget the awesome power of God. In John Piper’s book “A Godward Heart” he reminded me, daily of God’s might. It was in chapter 3, Glorifying the Grace of God, that the author stopped me in my tracks. John Piper made it clear that there is a difference between foreknowledge and preplanning.
Here is what he had to say, “Therefore, since God knew that his creatures would forsake him, he also knew that his power and wrath would be against them. Therefore, this was part of his plan. I’m not saying that foreknowledge is the same as preplanning. But I am saying that if God knew something would happen and he went ahead to put things in place that let it happen, then he does so for a reason. He does not act on a whim. And those reasons are what I mean by plan. He created the world knowing that sin would happen and that he would respond as Ezra 8:22 says he does. And thus he planned for it.”
The author offers even more insight on this and more but you will have to read the book to go deeper.

Everyday he gave me more to chew on and meditate on. He gives tons of Scripture references and that ensured I was reading more than this book. I was floored by the daily impact of John Piper’s words. Everyday there was new inspiration to venture deeper into God’s Word.

A Godward Heart by John Piper is a great devotional for deeper intimacy and knowledge of Creator and creation. This is a must read.

John Piper helped me to grasp some of the more difficult things in the Bible. He puts it in easier terms without losing the weight of the Word in the process. He is also very amusing at times which breaks up the seriousness of what he is relaying but without losing the impact.

Disclaimer: I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review. This specific book was a downloadable copy via edelweiss.